The Vision

In a place of such a storied past, sometimes it’s hard to think about the future. But in the case of Engel Stadium, where there lies so much potential, we owe it to ourselves, to this community and to generations past to make sure that the future of our crown jewel shines as bright as its past.

Our plan is to do just that. We want to bring Chattanooga back to Engel – making it a hub for both local and regional baseball as well as for community events.

Imagine summers spent once again at the historic ballpark. With local youth stepping into the same batter’s box as legends like Babe Ruth and Willie Mays, ready to create their own baseball stories. With picnics and concerts drawing crowds in the evening. With a tribute paid to countless memories through a local baseball museum. And with new memories being made every day.

Engel Stadium can once again be an asset to this community. It can be a safe, clean environment for families to gather. It can be a self sustaining resource. It can be something unique that doesn’t exist anywhere else in the world – and one of Chattanooga’s greatest success stories.

But it can’t be any of these things without your help. It’s going to take a full community investment to bring this thing together. We’ll need people to invest their money, their time and their talents to help bring Engel Stadium back to life.

The mission of The Engel Foundation is to restore, preserve, promote, and revitalize Historic Engel Stadium as a center for baseball and community life through education, history, culture, entertainment, events, social programs, and other sports-related activities for all to participate and enjoy.

Sliding into home base